Birthday Blessings

Friday night, we had the privilege of hosting a birthday party for a very special six-year-old.  Hosting birthday parties is always the highlight of our week, and this party was no exception.

It was our pleasure to turn OUR PLACE into JOHN’S PLACE for the evening

Amy Broker first contacted us about having a birthday party for her son, John, explaining that he had been adopted through foster care.  After gathering a bit of information, we offered to host his party for free and the date was set.

During the party, while John was running and playing with family and friends, I had the opportunity to hear his incredible adoption story.  I don’t know about you, but adoption stories unfailingly touch the deepest parts of my heart. Hearing the many unique situations and circumstances that create families is always beautiful and inspiring. John’s adoption story is a true example of destiny fulfilled.

An adoption story worth sharing

Amy explained to me that she and her husband Sean believed John was the son they were meant to have when he was in foster care. The Brokers felt that God had chosen this little guy specifically for them. After submitting paperwork and praying for the outcome they desired, they were contacted and told that their request was rejected. Of course, they felt the sting of disappointment after being sure that John belonged with them.  Still, they pressed on with the family they already had in their home.

A little while later, a friend of Amy’s from church was pursuing adopting a little girl from foster care.  Their paperwork was approved and they went to pick up their daughter. When they arrived at their daughter’s foster home, they recognized her foster brother.  It was JOHN! Her friend contacted her right away, and told her that John was still in care and that his foster mother was not interested in adopting.

Amy and Sean hurried to fill out the paperwork again and request that John be placed with them.  This time, they heard the news they wanted. They were able to bring him home.  

Amy and Sean learned that John had developed a close bond with his foster sister, who was adopted by their friends.  The idea that he would be able to grow up with her close to him was the proverbial icing on the cake. 

John has had many struggles during his young life, including a genetic condition called, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and sometimes leaves him wheelchair bound.  Throughout the entire road to adoption, and dealing with chronic medical issues, John has always been shown love and acceptance from his family, the family that he has always been a part of, even when he wasn’t living in their home.


At John’s birthday party, he was surrounded by his adoptive family, his foster sister and her family, as well as several members of his biological family.  The evening was love on display and it was a blessing to us to be a part of making it happen for John and his family.

When the Brokers left Friday night, their 5-year-old foster son said, “This was the best party ever!”  That was the best ‘Thank You’ we could have received, and hopefully, we’ll be able to throw him “the best party ever” when he turns six.

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