102 A West Main St, Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055

*entrance along side of building on Fredrick St*

Fostering a lifelong love of curiosity through play

Interactive Areas

What is my child learning?

We want your child to foster a love of learning through play. At the different interactive stations, children will learn through investigating, spacial awareness, improving motor skills, problem-solving, vocabulary building, social skills, creativity, independence, experimenting, constructing, and pretending. 

About Each Space

There are five main separate and designated areas of interactive play: 



Pretend and Imaginative Play

Building and Construction

Sprouts (Toddler Area)

How can parents interact?

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to join their children in playing at Planted in Play. Parents are also welcomed to foster independent learning by simply observing their children at work. Parents are required to stay at the museum while their children are playing so seating and WiFi is available.