We’re Hard to Find, and Even Harder to Forget

Let us describe the scene when someone comes for their first visit. The GPS says, “You’ve Arrived!” The visitor looks around and sees a pizza shop and a tax office. The visitor decides to park their car on Main Street and walk to find 102a. There is no 102a on Main Street.

We get it! The first time we came to 102a West Main Street, we were lost too! We had to call the owner of the building to direct us to the door. It’s definitely not easy to locate downtown.

Sometimes, we like to pretend that being difficult to find is part of our charm. It’s like a scavenger hunt to get to our door. Will you end up at Planted In Play or will you be at ROYAL FITNESS? Nobody knows!

We know that it’s not really charming or in any way fun for you. We know that a lying GPS is annoying, especially when there are little ones in the car that are anxious to play.

Please accept this as our blanket apology to all of our visitors who have gotten lost and screamed at their phones while trying to find us. We love each of you and are so glad that you’ve made it to our door.

Also, to anyone considering a visit…here’s a hint. We aren’t on Main Street at all! We’re on North Frederick! Also, we now have a huge sign pointing to our door. We really hope that helps!

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